Book Catalogue: Sciences
Dewey: Sience
ISBN: 9780521106658
Issue: First
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Book title: Psychosomatic Medicine: An Introduction to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Translator: Fahad bin Dakhil Al Musaimi
Date: 2013
Psychosomatic medicine or consultation-liaison psychiatry is the branch of psychiatry that focuses on the mental health issues which accompany, or develop as a result of, other medical disorders. This subdiscipline forms an important part of training in psychiatry. This book provides an ideal first exposure to the inseparable nature of physical and psychological health and illness, and a comprehensive introduction to the broad range of disorders seen on the psychiatric consult service. Organized into a series of bitesized chapters, each focusing on a typical consult question, this handbook provides a practical and portable reference which should set both strategy and tactics for the next generation of consulting psychiatrists. Essential reading for medical students, psychiatry residents and psychosomatic fellows, this manual will provide immediate, in-the-field guidance on the evaluation and management of common consultation requests.