Book Catalogue: Social Sciences
ISBN: 9786035073561
Issue: First
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Book title: Enhancing Communication Skills of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children in the Mainstream
Translator: د.علي بن حسن الزهراني
Date: 1436
With many children who are deaf or hard of hearing now integrated in mainstream classroom settings, speech-language pathologists and school-based clinicians are encountering this population in growing numbers. Enhancing Communication Skills of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children is designed to help clinicians who may have little or no experience with this population to understand its unique communication needs and develop clinical skills for working with them. This important new resource takes a holistic view of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and stresses the child as a communicator rather than focusing on the disorder itself. This book provides a useful framework for viewing and assessing children's communication abilities and goals at all stages of language development. It also includes specific assessment and treatment techniques to help develop and improve communication skills in order to maximize this populations' potential for learning.