Book Catalogue: Social Sciences
ISBN: 9786035073622
Issue: First
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Book title: Teaching and Learning Pragmatics: Where Language and Culture Meet
Translator: د. سعد بن محمد بن جديع القحطاني
Date: 1436
An understanding of sociocultural context is crucial in second language learning – yet developing this awareness often poses a real challenge to the typical language learner.

This book is a practical language teachers’ guide that focuses on how to teach socially and culturally appropriate language for effective communication.  Moving beyond a purely theoretical approach to pragmatics, the volume offers practical advice to teachers, with hands-on classroom tasks included in every chapter. 

Readers will be able to:

· Identify possible causes of learner errors and choices in cross-cultural communication

· Understand second language acquisition theories that support their classroom practices

· Develop a pragmatics-focused instructional component, classroom-based assessments, and curricula

· Help learners to become more strategic about their learning and performance of speech acts

· Incorporate technology into their approach to teaching pragmatics